Focused on the production of PU COATING, since 1987 we have been offering our customers:


Our installations and know-how allow us to meet every request: research and development to create new articles, coating and lamination installations for production “made in Italy”, quality check department in charge of checking products and issuing documents for our customers’ technical needs.


Over 20,000 articles developed so far, tens of millions of meters coated shipped all over the world and used for many fields of application: from shoes to leather accessories, form furniture to bike saddles, from medical to clothing. We combine the enthusiasm of a start-up with the experience of a company operating in this field for decades.


Every relationship with our customers is based on cooperation and correctness and this is our first purpose. From the moment when we receive the order up to the shipment, we keep them constantly updated with quick and accurate answers about the production process and the delivery date. This is widely appreciated by many companies who have been working with us for 30 years.


Thanks to our highly skilled staff and our dynamic environment, we can satisfy the most ambitious requests: this is attested by the cents of projects developed with our customers, the patents, our awards and exclusives collected so far; every day aiming to more and more special products.